3 Tips for Staying Motivated During a Job Search
August 6, 2020
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To say 2020 has been a daunting and disconcerting time for many would be an understatement. With record-high numbers of job loss being reported, many people are now finding themselves in need of a new career. Searching for a job is a tedious and stressful process. The longer you go without a steady income, the more likely depression and hopelessness will set in. Below, I’ve outlined a few essential tips to help you stay motivated during your job search. Following these tips will increase the likelihood of you landing a job quicker and help you limit your stress levels during the process.

1. Preparation

Don’t wait until the perfect job opportunity arises to begin preparing all of your resume(s), cover letter(s), documents, and updating your LinkedIn profile. If you do, you will quickly become exhausted and defeated by the job search process. Begin preparing everything day-by-day, figure out which field you would like to work in, and begin structuring resumes and documents tailored towards those roles.

Upon finding the position you want to apply for, tailor the resume and cover letter specifically for that role. There’s is nothing worse than missing out on the perfect opportunity because you weren’t prepared. Use platforms such as LinkedIn or Workable to find job descriptions you can tailor your resume to.

2. Build your confidence

A great way to build your confidence is by practicing “tunnel vision.” Comparing your life, success, or employment standing in relation to others will demoralize you. Focusing on your own journey and the progress you are making, no matter how small. This method is essential to keeping you motivated throughout your job search.

3. Practice makes perfect

There are recent graduates entering the workforce for the first time, and there are also highly experienced people being forced to start over. The job market will be more competitive than ever. A pro-tip to help you build your career search confidence is to practice interviewing and changing your mindset towards seeing rejection as redirection. Having a healthy mindset is the key to surviving the job search process.

Practice doing mock interviews with friends or family, and allow them to dish out hard and probing questions, reject your ideas, etc. Learn how to accept difficult feedback. Keep in mind that interviewing in 2020 and beyond will be different. For starters, most jobs and interviews are being conducted remotely. Adjust and adapt to the job market we are living in now to avoid being left behind. Click here for tips and advice on acing an interview!

At BrandResumes, we are not only committed to helping you land your dream job by providing you with well-crafted resumes, optimized Linkedin profile development, and superior career coaching; we also recognize the importance of providing you with life-changing and insightful career advice. We hope you find these tips useful, leave a comment below, and subscribe to our blog to receive resume writing, interviewing, and career advice from leading career professionals.


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    Looking for work may feel like an uphill battle, but it’s been the experience of our customers at Allsup that more employers are willing to be flexible and accommodate the needs of employees than they were before the pandemic began. If you are feeling discouraged by the process of applying for work, or fear discrimination as a result of your disability, here are a few tips to stay motivated and confident that you will find a job that best suits your skills and interests. If you feel comfortable, reaching out to former employers is another way to approach reentry into the workforce, whether by resuming your previous position or finding a new job with the help of your former HR department. Whether or not you’re ready to return to the office tomorrow, connecting with employers opens the door to future opportunities and is a step in the right direction.


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