4 Major Tips to Succeed in Your Summer Internship
April 30, 2020
BR Major Tips for Summer Internships

Summer internships can extend anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months long, meaning, you have a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time. So, whether this is your first time being a summer intern or your fifth time, we have compiled four major tips for succeeding during your experience.

1. Prove yourself

Receiving a summer internship is a wonderful opportunity to learn new skills, make connections, and, most importantly, to prove that you are committed to getting the job done. Because many summer internships eventually lead to a full-time job offer, you should always go above and beyond to do more than what is expected of you.

This is your time to prove that you would be an excellent addition to the team you’ll be working with and the company as a whole. Never forget that you were specifically chosen out of a pool of many other candidates; the company saw something special in you. Every day that you show up to your internship should be a day to show them that they chose the best candidate.

2. Make connections

During your summer internship, you will have the opportunity to work with other interns as well as full-time employees at the firm. This opportunity is perfect for building relationships so that if you are lucky enough to land a full-time job offer, you can reconnect with some familiar faces. This is also an excellent time to seek a mentor within the firm. Having a mentor is an extremely valuable resource because they know what it’s like to have once been in your position. This person will have the ability to guide you through any trials and tribulations you may come across during your internship as well as offer valuable advice to aid in your ultimate success.

Beyond familiar faces and mentors, there will (hopefully) come a time when your employer is deciding whether they are going to offer you a full-time position. You want to make sure that there are several people in your office that know you and can vouch for your work ethic and abilities.

BR Summer Internship Tips

3. Ask the right questions at the right time

There is no better time or place to ask as many questions as you want than during a summer internship. So please, don’t be afraid to ask! Internships are about soaking in as much knowledge as you can and using that knowledge to advance in your future career. Although we urge you to ask as many questions as you can, it is also important to know when to ask these questions. Yes, you are learning, but it is also important to be self-reliant and cognizant of your resources.

If you are given an assignment and the directions are unclear, it is better to ask a question for clarification than to complete the task incorrectly. However, before asking your manager for help, try figuring the task out on your own or maybe asking another intern on your team if he or she has any knowledge about the task. This will show that you are hard-working, resourceful, and adaptable. Asking the right questions at the right time will ensure that you will get the job done efficiently and effectively.

4. Ask for feedback

Asking for feedback is imperative to your growth throughout your internship. Initiating a conversation with your manager about what you can improve on shows that you are genuinely interested in what it takes to be the best that you can be at your job. Plus, asking for feedback is a win-win situation for everyone because it will help you to improve. And when you improve, so does your team!

Summer internships provide a great opportunity for students and recent graduates to get their foot in the door and begin their career. With hard work and dedication, a summer internship can evolve into a full-time job offer.


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