4 Reasons Why Remote Work Is Here to Stay
March 2, 2021
remote work

It’s almost been a full year since the rest of the workforce began working remotely full-time. For many professionals, this was a drastic change from their original way of life. Many employees have still yet to go back into the office at all since. This outcome isn’t only because of the pandemic, but companies are realizing that remote work is more feasible in the long-run than they thought.

If you haven’t yet gotten used to working remotely, we do recommend you be open-minded towards that concept. If we had to take a guess, remote work is going to become the new normal for the majority of workers, and here’s why.

remote work

1. No more commuting

Commuting for some is a good time to prepare or wind down for the day while others see it as a chore. Either way, the average United States employee spends about 26.1 seconds each day commuting one way according to the most recent census.

Without having to worry about your morning commute, employees have more time to focus on work, allow themselves free time to relax, and are even able to save money on transportation. This outcome is a big benefit for workers.

2. Productivity is up

At first, the switch to remote work was a struggle for many. Finding motivation while working from home was incredibly difficult. As more and more employees have gotten used to the routine, companies have found that productivity is actually up in most cases. In fact, employee performance has been up by 13%.

While that number may seem small, it’s actually pretty significant! Consider your own workload over the past few months. Have you noticed that you’re getting more done in a day? Maybe you’re even getting bigger projects done in a shorter amount of time. Productivity can appear in different ways, but the data shows that it is increasing.

remote work

3. Employees are happier

According to a study conducted by SurveyMonkey and CNBC, survey participants scored a 75 out of 100 on the Workplace Happiness Index, which is 4 points above the previous year’s scores.

When employees are happy and enjoy their work, it has many benefits. Happy employees mean productive employees, so most companies do place a focus on employee satisfaction.

4. Geography doesn’t dictate talent

Prior to the pandemic, both employers and employees were restricted by location. Many employees didn’t want to commute too far and not all employers could accommodate for remote workers at the time. Now, this issue does not really exist.

If you’ve ever wanted to work in a different city, now’s your chance! For any current job seekers, now’s your time to take these sorts of risks, but apply fast because competition in the workforce is also growing right now. For more on that, check out this article on the job market in 2021.

Remote work is here to stay, at least part-time. If remote work isn’t your speed and you are considering finding a new job, contact one of our professional resume writers at BrandResumes to learn how we can help!


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