5 Key Tips for Writing an Impressive Thank You Email to a Recruiter
April 23, 2020
BR 5 Tips on Sending Thank You Emails
So, you’ve just finished up your interview and are super confident about your chances of receiving an offer. Want to know how to increase those chances even more? Write a thank you email to your recruiter!

Within 12 hours after your interview, it is crucial that you send a follow-up email to the interviewer. Not sure what to say? Well, to help you out we’ve compiled 5 great tips for constructing an email that can help seal the deal on your offer.

1. Keep it short

We don’t know how many emails recruiters receive daily but we do know that it’s A LOT. If you want a response, keep your email short, sweet, and to the point. You don’t want your recruiter to have to fish through the meat of your email to figure out what you’re really trying to convey in your message. This may cause them to take a longer time than usual to answer, or just not answer at all! In addition to keeping your email short, do not forget to proofread. Your grammar matters, so read your email over – twice – before pressing send.

2. Be friendly

The subject of your email is extremely important because it is the first thing a recruiter will see before they open your message. If you need some examples of a subject, “Thank You,” or “Greetings,” work just fine. Be friendly and polite. You should briefly re-introduce yourself and let them know it was a pleasure to be able to have met them before jumping into the purpose of your email. Recruiters appreciate the enthusiasm and want to be sure that you are as excited to speak to them as they are to speak to you.

Sending a thank you email

3. Mention a memorable detail

During a career fair, recruiters speak to hundreds of students, including you! To help yourself stand out from the crowd in your email, include a specific detail that the two of you talked about. Not only will this help the recruiter to put a face to a name and remember you, it will also show that you were listening and engaged during the conversation.

4. Emphasize your interest

Never blatantly ask a recruiter to give you a job. Instead, express an interest in learning more about the company. Asking meaningful questions is one way to show them that you are open and eager to learn as much as you can to advance in your career. Ask them for career advice, about the company’s culture, or what they like best about their job. Asking thoughtful questions is a casual way to build a relationship with a recruiter. Networking and building relationships can lead to many open doors in the future.

5. Say thank you

Before anything else, the purpose of emailing a recruiter should always be to say thank you. Recruiters are taking the time out of their tremendously busy schedule to assist you in becoming more familiar with their company and potentially consider you as a candidate. A recruiter’s main purpose is to find an applicant that meets the requirements of the job. If you express your sincerest gratitude for the time taken by the recruiter to invest in you, they will be more than likely to remember you and continue to help you out in the future.

While it may seem like a small thing, a kind email can really go a long way in helping you make a lasting impression and a good relationship with a recruiter. While your in-person interactions with them are your first step in making that happen, these 5 tips are sure to help you put the icing on the cake and secure that relationship.

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  1. Career Project

    Makes sense. A thank-you note that fails to properly convey the sender’s appreciation of the recipient is a pretty lousy one. So don’t play it cool or hard to get: Thank the interviewer for taking the time to meet with you, and say you appreciated the conversation.



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