5 Skills I Gained from Being a Resume Writer
February 23, 2021
resume writing

Being a resume writer has opened many doors for me both personally and professionally. It not only helped strengthen my writing skills, but it even helped me develop new skills that can be beneficial in a variety of industries and roles. Below are five skills I gained from being a resume writer.

1.  Research skills

Believe it or not, resume writers have to be good at conducting research. When working with clients, you need to do research into the industry and roles they desire so you can strategically align their resumes to target those roles.

resume writing

2.  Customer service skills

Customer service is not always an easy job, but it is a vital part of most roles. You may sometimes come across a client who does agree with you or does not understand what the current standards are for resumes. When this happens, you’ll have to navigate the situation in a way that makes both parties happy and acknowledges their needs.

3.  Time management

As a resume writer, you establish a timeline with your client on when to expect a final product. If you’re working with multiple clients or working as a freelancer, you’ll have to plan out your time well in order to meet your deadlines.

4.  Project management

Not only will your time management skills improve, but you’ll also learn to multitask and strategize how you will complete all of these different projects and orders. Being able to manage and plan out your next steps is a critical skill for any job or role.

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5.  Critical thinking

Sometimes, clients will have years of experience, no experience, or irrelevant experience. As a professional resume writer, you learn how to think critically to take what information you have been given and make the most of it.

Becoming a professional resume writer is great for several reasons (this article even goes over reasons why we think everyone should be resume writers). Whatever your reason may be for wanting to be a resume writer, we highly recommend you go through with it. If you’re unsure of how to get started, you should take this course on how to become a resume writer. You won’t regret it!


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By Emily Provost

Emily is BrandResumes' Content Specialist and is an Associate Resume Writer. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Publishing Studies with double minors in Marketing and Journalism from Hofstra University. She has had editorial experience working as an editor for various publications from Hofstra and worked as a writing tutor for undergraduate students.

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