5 Tips for Transitioning into the Healthcare Field
February 2, 2021
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The healthcare industry is an essential field that is constantly evolving. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many sectors have closed, making healthcare even more appealing both for its reliability and stability. If you are considering a new career in healthcare, here are some tips to help get you started.

1. Know Where You Are Academically

Depending on what your background is in, you may need to take extra prerequisite courses prior to applying to graduate school. Once you have schools you are interested in, requirements are readily available online for your review. A standardized test such as the PCAT or MCAT may also be necessary, so be sure to research if a test score is part of the application.

Career Advice

2. Understand the Financial Burden

Each graduate school will have its own tuition, but in general, it will carry a large price tag. Individual factors such as having a family or a spouse that is a stay-at-home parent will help you decide which schools fit your budget and if this investment is worth it for you personally. Over your lifetime, depending on what career you are transitioning from, the payoff will be beneficial, but it will take years for that to occur.

3. Reach Out and Volunteer in the Field

The healthcare field, similar to other fields, is a tight-knit community. Therefore, it is great to have contacts that you can reach out to through each step of the process. If you do not have family or friends in medicine, there are numerous volunteer options to expose yourself to. Whether it is a hospice center, hospital, or non-profit focused on healthcare, there are numerous opportunities to help you to start the networking process. You can even attend virtual networking events as well.

4. Have A Reason Why

As you can see from the previous points, transitioning into healthcare takes time and money. It is going to be a difficult transition, so you need to have a solid reason why you are making this life change. Whether it is a deep desire to help people or having a career in a stable industry, that “why” is going to help you through the challenges you face along the way and will remind you what your ultimate goal is.

Career Advice

The past year has been unexpected to say the least, and many people have found themselves unemployed or with reduced hours. Another one of our blog articles, What to Expect from the Job Market in 2021, discusses this topic more and may make the healthcare field seem like a good career change.  As a healthcare professional, I truly love what I do and cannot imagine being employed in any other industry. I welcome all of you to consider this amazing field and hope these tips will help make your transition easier.


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By Alyssa Hobby

Alyssa is a pediatric pharmacist with 7 years of inpatient experience at a level 1 trauma center, level 3 NICU, and ECMO certified center. She specializes in resume writing and career tips specific to healthcare professionals. Alyssa currently resides in San Diego, CA, with her fiance and enjoys traveling, cooking, hiking, and visiting the beach in her spare time.

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