7 Reasons You Need a Resume
April 21, 2020
BR 7 Reasons You Need a Resume

Let’s face it, you might know a little bit about resumes from parents, teachers, and maybe friends. But if you’ve ever said to yourself, “I don’t even have anything to put on it” or “I don’t really need one right now” or any other excuse to not sit down and make that resume, I’m here to tell you that you absolutely do need one. Depending on where you are in your life, whether it be applying for school or getting ready to jump into your first career, resumes will always be relevant. Thus, here are 7 reasons you may not have even considered why you need a resume to make sure you are always prepared and your application starts off on the right foot!

1. Study abroad

First off, study abroad programs will almost always require a written statement and a skillfully crafted resume. These programs are extremely competitive, requiring applicants to show how their skills and experiences will pair with and complement the respective universities and countries.
Although being accepted into these types of programs doesn’t rely heavily on your past and current work experience, it pays off to have a perfectly formatted and grammar free resume.

2. Graduate school

Similar to undergraduate studies, graduate schools will require an exceptional resume. Start with placing your experiences in chronological order. Your work experience and past education should highlight how your accomplishments will benefit the program, as well as contribute to your own success. If you’d like to know more about how to format your resume, check out our article here.

BR Resume for graduate school

3. Networking

Good ol’ networking. Please take note, having a resume on hand with you at networking events places you at a huge advantage over your competitors.The ability to provide your resume on the spot shows that you are prepared, conscientious, and ready for success. As a student, having your resume is equally as important as having a business card to hand out. Market yourself as the right one for the job from the start.

4. Shadow program

Shadow programs allow you to experience a company culture, network with workers, and see firsthand how a business interacts. And you better believe you’ll need a resume. These short time bursts of knowledge generally lasting a full day or a couple of hours is very important in getting your foot in the door.

Use these opportunities to your advantage by asking the right questions, being polite, and paying attention. Many companies allow and encourage shadow programs so stay alert for openings!

5. Internship

I cannot stress enough the importance of having an internship. Whether it’s paid, unpaid, or even a summer gig these roles prepare you for the future. It’ll show employers when you are ready to graduate that you’ve taken your academic and professional career seriously. Not only will having a solid resume help you land an internship, it may also lead to landing your first job out of college.

BR Internships

6. Part-time job

Most part-time jobs will require some form of a resume or reference before the interview. Part-time jobs look great on a resume and will give you the experiences you need to kick start your official career.

Careers don’t start overnight; they are a product of gradually building yourself up, and having a few part-time jobs can help you do that.

7. Full-time job

Finally, the long awaited full-time job that you’ve been working so hard to get, we know. By now you will realize that everything mentioned above will aid your chances of receiving a full time offer.

If you combine all the experiences of study abroad programs, internships, shadow programs, and networking know-how feel safe that your chances of landing a full-job are fantastic! But it all starts with a resume. If you need a bit of help getting started, we’re here for you. 



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