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BrandResumes’ 7 Steps to Land your Dream Job – Ebook

Are you tired of not getting any callbacks on your job applications across various job boards? Or have you been stuck with using the same old resume which doesn’t get you any interviews? 

We’ve got you! Download this 19 page Ebook to successfully land your dream job in 7 easy steps suggested by our career experts. 

This Ebook contains a step by step guide to navigating your job search ranging from having an excellent job search strategy to successful negotiation.

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BrandResumes’ 7 Steps to Land your Dream Job – Ebook

Start your job search with 7 simple steps



The Perfect Resume

The first thing you need for any job application is a resume. Recruiters spend an average of 6 seconds looking at a resume which means you only have about 4-6 seconds to impress a recruiter. After reading this section, you’ll be able to master the art of resume writing



Job Search

Job Search is a tedious process but don’t worry, in this section you will learn about various free tools you can use to navigate and excel your job search strategy. On average a Job Seeker spends about 9 weeks looking for a job. Our job search tips and tricks will help you learn how to keep track of all your applications and when’s the right time to apply for jobs for you.



Resume Template

If you are a first time resume writer, this expert and simple resume template will help get a head start on your resume writing. The template is also ATS optimized so after using this, you’ll automatically be one step ahead in the game. 


Send Cover Letters

Cover letters are a great tool to stand out in your job application because a lot of people don’t send cover letters. Sending a cover letter will show you are willing to go that extra mile to get the job. Cover letters help you tell your story beyond a resume. 


Optimize Your LinkedIn

About 90% of recruiters rely on LinkedIn to find the best candidate for the job. LinkedIn has several added tools that can help you stand out from other candidates but in order to do that, this section will teach how to sell your story in each section of a LinkedIn profile and how to stay active on this giant social media platform with 500+ million users. 





Never accept the first offer you receive. Studies show that 90% of job seekers do not negotiate their salary because they simply don’t know how. Our tips will help you understand how to negotiate.


Nail the Interview

These expert interview tips will  help rock your interview and get a call back with an offer.


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