Learn how Talroo works to help you hire better.

How many jobs can I post?

As many as you need. We encourage you to post all your open positions.

Is Talroo integrated with my current HR technology? Is there a fee?
Talroo is compatible with most applicant tracking systems and job distribution services. Just ask us, and we can tell you if we work with yours. We don’t charge a fee to integrate.

What if I work with an agency?
Talroo has great relationships with many agencies and we will work with your agency to ensure the best partnership for you.

Does Talroo work with any veteran or diversity sites?
Yes! We work with thousands of sites, and veteran and diversity sites are included.

How do candidates see my jobs?
Talroo shows your jobs to unique, active candidates that are looking for your kinds of jobs specifically. We’ve built an industry-leading taxonomy based on over 500+ categories, so your jobs are only shown to the best-matching candidates for your positions, so you get relevant applications.

How does Talroo work?
Talroo identifies the best channels to get in front of unique audiences. Using candidate data from Talroo Pro, we’re able to anticipate how well your jobs will perform on a variety of sources, and only show your jobs to those candidates.

Why should I use Talroo?
Because Talroo reaches the right talent, at the right time, at the right price. And you only pay when a candidate interacts with your ad.

What is Talroo?
Talroo is a data-driven talent attraction solution that enables companies to reach the unique audiences they need to make hires.

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