How to Apply to Jobs Using LinkedIn
March 23, 2021
LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn is one of the largest networking platforms right now. But did you also know that it’s a great place to apply for jobs? Not only is it a great place to apply for jobs, but it’s also a great way to land jobs. In fact, three people are hired every minute on LinkedIn.

Statistics like that one are no joke. Applying through LinkedIn can really increase your chances of being hired, and BrandResumes is here to teach you how.

What you need to know about LinkedIn before you apply

Actually applying to jobs on LinkedIn isn’t an incredibly difficult task, but what’s really important is knowing what needs to be done before you apply. Here are a few tips that you should really take into consideration first.

LinkedIn Jobs

1.  Ensure your profile is complete

Not everyone is super tech-savvy or active on social media. However, we highly suggest you consider LinkedIn to be the exception. With around 90% of recruiters using this social platform, it’s really important to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is complete.

When we say complete, we mean having all of your professional history included with strong bullet points, having a professional profile picture and banner photo, and including any of your other professional accomplishments. To get started filling in your profile, check out this article on 18 tips to get started on LinkedIn.

2.  Make sure all of your information is up-to-date

Again, if you’re not very active on social media, you may have created a LinkedIn profile and have not touched it since. We see this exact scenario a lot, but to our previous point, it’s important that your profile is complete and accurate because recruiters and hiring managers are going to be looking at it.

If you have taken on a new job or received a promotion since the last time you updated your profile, be sure to include that. Even if you started volunteering or doing consultant work recently, include that information on there as well.

You only have so much space on your resume to highlight your achievements and impress hiring managers. With LinkedIn, that isn’t the case. You should be including as much information as you can on this profile and constantly update it as new opportunities arise.

3.  Have your profile and your resume be consistent

This recommendation also goes hand-in-hand with our last one. Your resume and your LinkedIn profile should be consistent. These both contribute to your personal and professional brand. As such, they need to be consistent.

If you aren’t updating your profile or using different titles and dates on your profile that don’t appear on your resume, it’s going to appear to hiring managers that you don’t possess an attention to detail and that you could be giving them inaccurate information. Consistency is always important.

Now that those steps are taken care of, let’s look at how you go about applying for jobs on LinkedIn.

How to apply

1.  Search for jobs you’re interested in

When on your LinkedIn home page, click on the jobs tab to begin your search. Once there, you can search by title, location, experience, etc. LinkedIn offers plenty of filters to help aid you in your job search. If you have plenty of skills on your profile, it will even show you were you would be a top applicant.

LinkedIn Jobs

2.  Use LinkedIn Easy Apply if applicable

As its name suggests, LinkedIn offers a feature called Easy Apply that allows users to submit their LinkedIn profile information as part of the application process (another reason why you should make sure all of your profile information is accurate and up-to-date).  If this option is not offered for the job you want, you’ll be directed to a page that is much like any standard application. Simply put in your information and hit submit.

If using LinkedIn Easy Apply, it is very important to note that you will not be able to edit or withdraw your application. If the situation changes, you will need to contact the job poster directly.

3.  Stay in touch with the recruiters and hiring managers

Some jobs list who posted the job listing. Once you’ve submitted your application, try to connect and build a relationship with the hiring team at your desired company.

It is also extremely helpful to try and make connections with other professionals at your desired company before applying. If you make a strong enough connection, they may even recommend you for the role you’re applying for. Building relationships on LinkedIn can be very beneficial in your job search.

LinkedIn is a great resource. If you couldn’t tell from our other articles about it, we recommend it a lot! Our team is also are more than happy to help you strengthen and develop your LinkedIn profile to help you attract recruiters and land more interviews. Keep checking in every week to read more articles on LinkedIn and other tips for job seekers. Good luck!


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