How to Make Your Resume Stand Out in Marketing
October 15, 2020
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Marketing can be a great field to enter as it runs through a wide variety of industries and roles. Because of this fact, it is also a highly competitive field. Whether you’re searching for an internship, beginning your career, or even switching careers, here are a few tips for you to follow to help ensure your resume stands apart from the competition.

1.  Quantify your achievements

Numbers matter, especially if you’re in marketing. Including quantifiable data in your resume bullet points really helps to show impact rather than simply stating it. After all, it’s great if you say you have experience, but can you prove it?

Did your efforts to build a marketing campaign help increase site traffic? Include those numbers. Did you develop an email campaign with high open-rates? Include that too. If you can add numbers to it, you should.

2.  Have the right skills

Much like any other industry, marketing has a widely sought after set of skills and a technical knowledge base that hiring managers are looking for on your resume. If you’re looking at a job listing that says they want applicants who are proficient in Salesforce, be sure to include that in your technical skills section.

Now you may be wondering, what do I do if I don’t have that experience yet? While the answer may vary depending on what technical skill you may be lacking, it could be helpful to run simulations using free online trials or even watching Youtube tutorials.

There’s also plenty of online courses you can take to become certified, which can also really help to boost your resume and experience. Lack of experience can keep you from receiving an interview, but it doesn’t have to if you take it upon yourself to create that experience.

3.  Include links

Hiring Managers will appreciate you including links to your LinkedIn account, social media accounts, online portfolios, and more. That being said, it is just as important to have each of these accounts be professional and up-to-date along with your resume.

Each of these different options is great because it can allow hiring managers to review your previous work. Check out this article for helpful tips on your LinkedIn. You can also read this article if you want some tips on building up your portfolio.

4.  Make sure it is ATS-optimized

You can be the ideal candidate for a job, but if your resume can’t make it past an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), you probably won’t receive a call back for an interview. ATS is AI technology that the majority of companies use to sift through the immense number of resumes they receive every day.

While it isn’t a perfect system, it is widely used and can be a huge factor in the hiring process. To ensure your resume is ATS-optimized, you need to have a properly formatted resume with built-in keywords, headings, and titles. The slightest mistake can place you out of the running.

Even something as simple as using textboxes or colors can make your resume unreadable to ATS systems, and therefore, the system won’t label you as qualified. For more on how to beat ATS, check out our article here, and consider hiring a professional resume writer.

Hunting for a job is a challenge for job seekers within all industries. In order to land that interview, you have to first be able to wow hiring managers with your resume. That involves standing apart from the competition. If you follow these tips, we’re confident that you’ll be able to do that in no time. Good luck!


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