How to Stay Safe (And Sane) as an Essential Worker
November 19, 2020
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As an inpatient clinical pharmacist, and like so many other essential workers, I have continued to go into work every day during this pandemic. Besides the stressors that the entire world is currently facing at this time, I have a heightened sense of awareness of my increased risk that I face at my job.

Although we are constantly reminded of the risk of being an essential worker, I think it is just as important to take care of our mental health during this pandemic. While self-care may look different for every person, here are a few methods anyone can do to help stay sane during this pandemic.

Have a routine

For me, having a routine that I follow helps to give me something to look forward to each week. It helps me to normalize the current situation so that I do not become overwhelmed with the uncertainty and the aspects that I do not have control over.

Give yourself breaks

It’s important to allow yourself time to relax. I like to give myself a break from cooking each week with a date night with my husband so that our day-to-day does not become too monotonous. Each person will have their own comfort level for this. For us, we stick to outside dining or take-out only, knowing that both of these have a much lower risk than eating inside a restaurant. This helps my mental health not only by finding activities that remind me of what it was like prior to the pandemic, but it helps to support local businesses as well.

Make time for what makes you happy

Another positive that has come out of this pandemic for me has been picking up a new hobby. Since the pandemic began, we have had to drastically change our daily lives, but I have taken advantage of not being able to do certain activities by replacing them with outdoor ones.

For example, I have taken up golf the past few months and it is a great way to spend time outside. There are plenty of sports and activities that are perfect for social distancing, such as tennis and hiking. Again, each person must find their own comfort zone but a new skill is a great way to ensure our mental health is being taken care of.

Despite all the negatives that have come out of the current health crisis, I think it is important for us to remind ourselves how lucky we are. As an essential worker, I am thankful for knowing I have a steady job when so many Americans are struggling with unemployment. By sticking to a routine, making sure I have small events to look forward to, finding a new hobby and remaining grateful, I know that I will get through this pandemic and come out stronger than I was prior.

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