How to Write an Impressive Cover Letter
November 24, 2020
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While cover letters may not be necessary for all job applications nowadays, it can be helpful to include one with your resume. It shows hiring managers you possess the initiative and willingness to take the extra step. It can even help you stand apart from the competition. However, a poorly written cover letter can also hurt your chances as well. So how do you navigate writing a cover letter? Let’s talk about it.

First of all, let’s clarify a bit by what we mean when we’re talking about writing cover letters. Each cover letter must be tailored to the job role and the company you are applying to. For that reason, we highly suggest that you develop a cover letter template rather than writing fresh cover letters every time you apply. Here’s what you should touch on in every cover letter to impress hiring managers.

Show your passion for the company and the role

Passion drives productivity, and hiring managers do not want to risk bringing someone onto their team who isn’t going to give it their all. In that first introductory paragraph, you should be providing an anecdote on who you are, why you are passionate about your work, and why you would love to work for that company. This is also a great place to showcase that you did your preliminary research.

Bring up a mutual connection

If you know someone who works for that company currently, be sure to bring that up as well. If you haven’t made that connection yet, you should work on your networking skills. Try making connections via LinkedIn or attending information interviews. Knowing someone who currently works for that company isn’t a necessity, but it can help when convincing hiring managers to consider you as a potential candidate.

Highlight your achievements

Your cover letter is also a great way to elaborate and provide details about what you have included on your resume. Resume bullets should be accomplishment-based, and ultimately, so should your cover letter. However, there are some occasions where your cover letter can be a way to explain any shortcomings that hiring managers are going to be aware of, such as a low GPA or a previously failed business. Even in those less favorable situations, your cover letter allows you the space to turn that negative into a positive, so take advantage of it.

We hope this information helps you to craft the perfect cover letter. For more information on how the hiring process works, check out this article. Don’t forget to check in every Tuesday and Thursday for new articles. Good luck!


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