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Your resume is a critical step in securing your new job or salary increase, but it is only one part of fully being prepared to land a new role. Unlock the other seven critical steps.

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8 Simple Steps To Being Job Search Ready

Step 1: Creating and Setting Goals

Having any goal is a great start—but goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-specific are even better. You can’t begin your job search if you don’t have specific goals to achieve.

Step 2: Knowing Your Strengths

Knowing your strengths will help you not only navigate your search in a positive direction, but it will aid in your success as you develop job search ready materials such as your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and interviewing skills. The more you understand your strengths, the more confidence you will have throughout your job search journey.

Step 3: Creating and Updating Your Job Search Resume

You will learn how to create a seamless, ATS-optimized resume that stands out from the hundreds of other job seekers. You will master the art of highlighting your accomplishments and successes as opposed to listing basic job duties.

Step 4: Developing and Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is not just a tool to stand out to employers, recruiters, and HR Managers. Learning to use this professional tool to begin building relationships will ultimately make your job search more successful.

Step 5: Applying to Job Opportunities and Staying Organized

Do you just put a job title in Google and cross your fingers hoping our dream job will pop up? You will learn to navigate various job boards to begin your job search.

Additionally, as you are applying for jobs, are you keeping track of which positions you applied to? Which companies did you reach out to? When did you submit your application? Using a job tracker, we will show you how to have better control over your job search journey.

Step 6: Networking to Build Long-Lasting Relationships

Today, job applicants are competing against hundreds of other people to land an interview. You will learn how networking and building long-lasting relationships can be your ticket to learning about arising, potential, and new job positions ahead of other applicants.

Step 7: Interviewing skills

You have an interview. Awesome! So now what? Your resume lands you the interview, but you land yourself the job. You will learn how to master the skill of interviewing to show yourself as the best candidate for the job positions.

Step 8: Learning the Importance of Salary Negotiation

When you are offered the position, are you looking at the entire package such as health benefits, sick days, and vacation time? Most job seekers fail to negotiate their offer, but in this course, you’ll learn how to navigate this conversation to get the benefits you deserve.

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Noelle is a learning and development executive and course designer who oversees the resume writing department while serving as subject matter expert (SME) on Human Resources needs. Demonstrated history of developing and launching internal and external courses and initiatives proven to improve users’ skills and knowledge while identifying and addressing business opportunities. Consistently seeks opportunities to better companies and their impacts by introducing improved policies and processes, leading performance management and adult learning programs, and developing communications procedures. 

Charminta Brown


The 8 Steps To Being Job Search Instructor, Charminta (Char) Brown, has over 8+ years of experience teaching and working in the career advancement industry. Char has created and designed career advancement courses for hundreds of people at various career levels. Working in educational settings for over 5 years has provided Char with the opportunity to support adult learners of all ages and with diverse backgrounds as a course instructor, coach, and mentor.

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