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“Charles! I am so thankful to have come across BrandResumes. You and Sam were excellent and was able to go in and create the perfect resume that outlines my skill-set and experience in a way that I would not have come up with myself. I’m happy to announce, I’ll be starting full time in Summer 2019 with E-Trade.

The services were great and prompt. I feel like the services were directly for me and not taken from a template like some of the other resume services out there. Thank you again, Charles! I will continue to recommend you guys to my classmates.”

Kevin Singer, Villanova University: Hired at E-Trade

Purchased: All-Star Professional Package

“Brandon’s ability to write a resume is exceptional. I have one of the best experiences and I was able to land a new job within short amount of time.

He really captures what you need and convey to interviewer and companies. He is attentive to detail, follow up and customer service is outstanding. I really recommend him for your resume needs!”

Ronnie Spears, MBA: Hired at Merrill Lynch

Purchased: Advanced Professional Package


“This company is the best thing created for seniors. I am satisfied with my Linkedin and resume!”

Jason M, SUNY Albany

Purchased: Aspiring Professional Package

My edited resume allowed me to get the best tech internship during my sophomore year”

Grayson L, Cornell

Purchased: Professional Resume Writing

Before BrandResumes, my Linkedin Profile didn’t do anything for me. BrandResumes developed my Linkedin and increased my visibility to recruiters

Jess W., University of Southern California

Purchased: Linkedin Profile Development

“BrandResumes remodeled  my resume to show all my strengths and highlight experiences I never thought would matter. Their process is very simple and efficient.”

Bella H, Columbia University

Purchased: Advanced Professional Package

One word… Amazing. I had no idea that a proper professional resume really mattered. Recruiters at the fortune 500 companies I applied to loved it, and it extremely help land my first job”

Lee K, University of Pittsburgh

Purchased: Professional Resume Writing

The Resume writers are excellent and completely transformed my resume to get an entry-level marketing analyst job. It all starts with a perfect resume to get you into the door!

Jeffrey M, Binghamton University

Purchased: Professional Resume Writing

Simple. Easy. Efficient and completely worth my small investment. I recommend BrandResumes to any college student looking to secure their professional future.

Yao Z, Tufts University

Purchased: All-Star Professional Package

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