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Our Resume Distribution service provides your resume exposure to the top 60 job search platforms across the USA. This service is used to give you ultimate reach by posting your resume on each platform. This will allow recruiters, hiring managers, and headhunters to find your resume and select you for an interview.

You will receive the log in credentials to each job site that you select your resume to be posted. Here are the job board types available: General, Accounting, Diversity, Entry-Level, Executive, Finance, Marketing, Sales, and Technology. 

$199.00 Or starting as low as $16/mo with Klarna


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this process work?

First, visit our “Pricing” on the home page and pick your professional resume package. Then you submit the payment, sit back and relax. You will then be prompted to upload your resume to our Google Drive and within your confirmation email. The confirmation will also contain the link to the specific questionnaire based on your purchase which is necessary for us to get a better idea of your work history, accomplishments and career goals. Be sure to copy and paste sample job descriptions of positions or opportunities you are targeting.

Once we receive all your information, your expert resume writer will reach out to you with any questions he/she may have if needed. Within 3 – 5 business days from your initial order, you will receive your brand new documents via email. If you have any edits, changes or questions, they may be discussed via email at that time. Once all documents are finalized, you will receive final versions and a free gift to prepare you for all the job interviews that will be coming your way.

Do you offer refunds?

We strive for perfection with each and every service we provide and pride ourselves on being the best resume writing service for college students online. If you are not 100% satisfied with the final copy of any document or website, we will continue to revise it until you are completely confident that your self-marketing tools are a true representation of you! Thus, we do not offer refunds.

How long does this process take?

Once we have received payment, your completed questionnaire and a current copy of your current résumé, it will take 3 – 5 business days for you to receive the final draft. At that point, you have 7 days to respond with any edits you may have and can discuss any questions with us at that time. We hardly have a large number of edits from our clients so the entire process typically takes less than 1 week.

In what format will I get my documents?

All documents will be sent via e-mail as a Word file. Upon your final approval you will receive 1 versions of your resume: 1. Microsoft Word (.doc). The (.doc) is fully editable and become yours to manipulate as you wish.

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